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"At this point, we are being highly selective about who may receive these services. The very nature of the product demands that only those with the understanding of the potential of the product/s and the ability to justify proper use of the service will be granted its abilities. Shady and questionable organizations will not be allowed access to this level of technology. Every client is screened." -Kathy Ashmore, National Vice President of Sales

Clients are vetted, and ADNS reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time for any reason. For a free consultation, contact us to request and sign an NDA. (214) 660-0670

Encryption technology could have stopped ISIS

  "If the weapons and equipment that ISIS captured in Iraq had been secured with ADNS encryption technology, it would be nothing more than a bunch of paper weights and landscape decorations."   -Colonel (Ret.) Bill Marra, CEO AllData N.S.   Protect your data, equipment, information, and communications with the highest level of encryption on…
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AllData N.S. Offers the Toughest Level of Network Security and Data Encryption for Business and Personal Use

AllData N.S., based in Dallas, TX, has developed the world's strongest encryption and is currently offering their data encryption services to customers for business and personal use. "The Cyber-Armageddon is looming. If you're not using our proprietary encryption technology, and you don’t do something about it, your data is vulnerable - period." exclaimed Bill Marra, Retired Marine…
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What Is A Secure Network

Understanding network security can be complicated, but ensuring that your networks is secure from malicious threats shouldn't be. At All Data Network Services Inc. (ADNS), cyber-security is our business and we'll make it easy for you. We offer a wide variety of network security solutions for protecting data and information across a broad range of operations and…
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