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Next-gen Data Encryption

Technical specs are classified and only discussed after signing of an NDA

Network Services

Network Design, Implementation, and Support

Special Projects

Dedicated to improving the defense of systems critical to the nation



Dedicated to providing U.S. and International clients a U.S. based, best-in-class secure environment for your electronically stored and generated data.

The All Data N.S., Inc., Edge
Established in 1992 by retired Marine Colonel Bill Marra, All Data N.S., Inc. has evolved over the years from a small computer repair shop into a multi-company corporation specializing in networking, cloud services, cyber security and advanced encryption services.
Our company values are straight forward and concise.  They are:

  1. To do what is right for our company and its employees,
  2. To do what is right for our country, and
  3. To make sure our technology does not get into the wrong hands.

The mission of our company is to provide superior computer, data and networking solutions and support.  In support of this we commit to the following:

  • To provide straight forward, comprehensible computer, data and networking support and consultation.
  • To maintain the quick response times and personal touch of a small company despite rapid growth.
  • To encourage engineers to stay ahead of new technologies through training and certification.
  • To remain innovative and responsive to client service needs.
  • To pioneer and develop services that not only exceeds customer expectations, but provides technology based solutions for unrealized needs, thus always staying ahead of the technology curve.

All Data N.S., Inc. is recognized as a value based provider of IT solutions and services, focusing on hardware, data and networking integrity, cyber security and protection and data encryption rates well above industry standards and capabilities.  Our clients and services are varied.  We service both consumer and business clients, regardless of size, and our service capabilities cover from the single desktop to large, complex corporate environments.
Don’t walk the cybersecurity tightrope. When you need state of the art network protection – you need All Data N.S. Our next generation cybersecurity solutions fortify your data.  For more information, Call us! (214) 660-0670

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