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Thousands of US voters’ data exposed by robocall firm

Each record contains a voter's name, address, and "calculated" political affiliation.   By Zack Whittaker  July 19, 2018 (Image: file photo)       Another cache of US voter data has leaked. A Virginia-based political campaign and robocalling company, which claims it can "reach thousands of voters instantly," left a huge batch of files containing hundreds of…
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​How to add Linux to your Chromebook

With a sufficiently advanced Chromebook, you can now install and run Linux natively on it.     By Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols  July 19, 2018        It's long been possible to run Linux on a Chromebook. That's no surprise. After all, Chrome OS is a Linux variant. But, doing it by using either Crouton in a…
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Windows 10 after three years: A greatly improved report card

As Windows 10 approaches its third birthday, it's maturing steadily. A worldwide installed base of more than 700 million active users is impressive, but what will it take to convince Windows 7 users to switch? Here's my report card. By Ed Bott  July 16, 2018  Microsoft released Windows 10 three years ago this month.          …
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Can graphical passwords keep us secure online?

People stink at text-based passwords. Is there a better way? What if we could simply tell a story only we know using pictures?     By Robin Harris  July 16, 2018 How can you build a robust password policy?         Humans are optimized for image and pattern recognition, not the alphabet. That's why we…
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Windows 10 business upgrade cycle gives PC industry rare shipment growth

Gartner says the PC industry delivered year-over-year shipment growth in the second quarter. That hasn't happened since 2012.     By Larry Dignan  July 13, 2018     Propelled by a strong enterprise upgrade cycle, PC shipments posted their first year-over-year quarterly growth in six years, according to Gartner data. Now PC shipments weren't posting crushing growth,…
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Another hack rocks cryptocurrency trading: Bancor loses $13.5 million

The alleged hack has raised questions over the validity of the start-up's "decentralized" system.     By Charlie Osborne July 12, 2018 - Bancor has suffered an alleged cyber attack in which threat actors reportedly attempting to steal $23.5 million in cryptocurrency.       This week, the start-up said that a wallet being used to "upgrade" smart…
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Google: Chrome now protects you from Spectre password-stealing attacks

Chrome 67 for Mac, Windows has just added extra defenses against Spectre-style data-stealing attacks.     By Steve Ranger | July 12, 2018       Google says a new security feature in Chrome should make it harder for malicious websites to use a Spectre-style attack to steal data or passwords from other sites open as tabs in…
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