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Insurance startup leaks sensitive customer health data

The storage bucket wasn't protected with a password and was accessible by anyone.        By Zack Whittaker May 24, 2018   Another day, another data leak. (Image: file photo)       A software startup that provides independent insurance brokers with customer management software has exposed highly sensitive information on thousands of insurance policy holders. A…
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​FBI inflated encrypted device figures, misleading public

Encrypted cell phones were a major obstacle to criminal investigation. The FBI now admits the problem was much smaller than they'd originally reported.        By Steven J. Vaughan-NicholsMay 23, 2018        Contrary to what the FBI told the public, we now know that instead of 7,775 encrypted smartphones proving stumbling blocks to FBI…
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We’re all a bit of Trump when it comes to cybersecurity

President Trump reportedly sees security procedures as too inconvenient. Unfortunately, he's not alone.        By Larry DignanMay 23, 2018       Let's face it folks: Security can be "too inconvenient" and when your boss doesn't want to adhere to your security policy it's going to be difficult to enforce. Just ask President Trump. Politico…
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Spectre chip security vulnerability strikes again; patches incoming

A Google developer discovered a new way that a 'Spectre'-style check can be used to attack any computer running any operating system.        By Steven J. Vaughan-NicholsMay 22, 2018       After the first-wave of Spectre and Meltdown attacks were conquered, people relaxed. That was a mistake. Since the CPU vulnerabilities Spectre and Meltdown…
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