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This expensive new ransomware targets organisations with specially crafted phishing lures

The Defray ransomware demands $5,000 from victims and has targeted hospitals, manufacturing companies, and even an aquarium with small-scale but highly-customised campaigns. Danny Palmer By Danny Palmer | August 28, 2017 defray-ransomware-note.png The Defray ransomware note, complete with ‘advice’ on how to not fall victim to future attacks. Image: Proofpoint A newly discovered form of…
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Samsung’s bad software update bricks smart TVs

Customers are angry over Samsung’s bad update followed by terrible communications. Liam Tung By Liam Tung | August 25, 2017   Some owners are reporting their smart TV becoming stuck on a channel and unresponsive after the update.Image: Samsung                   Some owners are reporting their smart TV…
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Windows 10 Insiders: Microsoft won’t tell you about known bugs anymore

Microsoft has decided Windows Insiders don’t need to know about the bugs it’s aware of. Liam Tung By Liam Tung | August 24, 2017 Microsoft has decided to stop telling Windows Insiders about known issues in its preview builds. The Windows 10 build 16273 released yesterday could be one of the last previews before Microsoft…
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The World’s Strongest Encryption Available for Business and Personal Use

You’re a small business leader, a job creator, and work force multiplier that keeps our nation’s economic heartbeat pulsing and palpitating for the American dream. You’re navigating an evolving global economic landscape with limited time, limited capacity, 24/7 information proliferation, complex legislation and a mountain of government regulations. To make matters worse, did you know…
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New Years Resolutions

Our 2015 New Years Resolution = We WILL teach Corp Executives to LEARN That their IT Department IS NOT a cost center of real volume UNTIL the company has a Breach. THEN the REAL COST CENTER will come into view. We hope higher management will listen now after Sony. What are your 2015 resolutions? Is cybersecurity a priority?…
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"At this point, we are being highly selective about who may receive these services. The very nature of the product demands that only those with the understanding of the potential of the product/s and the ability to justify proper use of the service will be granted its abilities. Shady and questionable organizations will not be allowed access to this level of technology. Every client is screened." -Kathy Ashmore, National Vice President of Sales

Clients are vetted, and ADNS reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time for any reason. For a free consultation, contact us to request and sign an NDA. (214) 660-0670

Encryption technology could have stopped ISIS

  "If the weapons and equipment that ISIS captured in Iraq had been secured with ADNS encryption technology, it would be nothing more than a bunch of paper weights and landscape decorations."   -Colonel (Ret.) Bill Marra, CEO AllData N.S.   Protect your data, equipment, information, and communications with the highest level of encryption on…
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AllData N.S. Offers the Toughest Level of Network Security and Data Encryption for Business and Personal Use

AllData N.S., based in Dallas, TX, has developed the world's strongest encryption and is currently offering their data encryption services to customers for business and personal use. "The Cyber-Armageddon is looming. If you're not using our proprietary encryption technology, and you don’t do something about it, your data is vulnerable - period." exclaimed Bill Marra, Retired Marine…
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