Cell Phone Repair

Cellphone Repair
We Repair Broken Cellphone Display Screens, Blank LCD Screen or Displays with Lines or Bad Pixels (Parts not included)

Cellphone Display Screen Repair Service

An LCD screen on a cellphone is how we see prompts on our cellphones and often times how we begin to navigate through the phone. There are many factors that can lead up to an LCD screen becoming broken.

Below is a list of the most common problems our customers experience when they have a broken cellphone LCD screen:

•Black ink spots on the cellphone LCD screen
•Cellphone LCD screen is smashed and is clearly damaged
•Cellphone display screen is blank when the phone is powered up
•Horizontal or vertical lines running through the cellphone screen
•Cracked Cellphone LCD screen; this may be your LCD screen or the top glass above the LCD. If you can still read everything on the display but there is a crack on top, then you will need the Cellphone Touch Screen Repair instead.

When a cellphone screen is damaged, it is possible that you may need to have the LCD screen and top glass replaced. For this situation, please select this service: Cellphone LCD Screen Repair Service. When your phone is sent into our cellphone repair shop, our qualified technicians will carefully examine the phone and inform you of their findings with our cellphone diagnosis. If the top glass needs to be repaired as well, you will not need to purchase the cellphone top glass repair service and installation charge?

Depending on how severe the broken LCD screen is will depend on the extent of the damage. The parts of a cellphone are tightly packed into a small housing case. Because of this, a broken LCD screen or damaged top glass can result in putting pressure on other parts of the cellphone which might cause them to malfunction.

Our highly trained technicians will be able to distinguish the extent of the damaged caused to the cellphone and have it back to you in a short period of time. The cellphone diagnosis does not include the cost of replacement cellphone parts or installation fees. If any replacement parts are needed, you will be contacted to purchase them so that we can promptly complete the repair and get the phone back to you quickly. None of our technicians will ever proceed with repairing a cellphone without the customers consent beforehand.