AllData N.S. Offers the Toughest Level of Network Security and Data Encryption for Business and Personal Use

AllData N.S., based in Dallas, TX, has developed the world's strongest encryption and is currently offering their data encryption services to customers for business and personal use.

"The Cyber-Armageddon is looming. If you're not using our proprietary encryption technology, and you don’t do something about it, your data is vulnerable - period." exclaimed Bill Marra, Retired Marine Colonel and CEO of AllData N.S.

The good news is AllData N.S. (ADNS) is ready to help.

“If you need absolute information security and don't want to be the next SONY, you need to secure your data with ADNS encryption technology" remarked Kathy Ashmore, National VP of Sales.

SONY, recently the victim of major hack attack, has been all over the news and is even being sued by former employees for the breach.

All Data N.S. claims the nightmare breach could have been avoided if SONY had secured their network and data with ADNS Cyberdefense services.

“Many corporate heads don’t realize that they can be held liable in civil court for not properly securing their data. SONY might want to take a number." said Bill. "If your organization is ready to take the cyber threats seriously and wants absolute security, then they need to bring out the big guns.”

When Bill says ‘big guns’ he’s referring to a firewall he calls ‘Big Bertha’, AKA 'the Beast'. Technical specs are classified, but ADNS claims “The Beast” will fortify networks to be the nearest to unhackable on the planet – with a level of encryption higher than any in use by the U.S. government – or anyone else for that matter.

Colonel (Ret.) Bill Marra takes his work seriously.

“We are at war” he says “And our government might be too blind to publically admit it, but we are at war – technologically. We are at war – period. There’s no two ways about it. American companies need to get into the fight, and my team at AllData N.S. is ready to fight for them and protect their information. If they do nothing, they’re vulnerable, and that’s not good.”

Of course, all that security goes out the window if the physical site is not secure as well. In most cases, clients may also need a site inspection done by ADNS’s highly experienced team of security professionals ranging from retired FBI, Police, ICE, and military personnel.

AllData N.S. is primarily reaching out to energy and defense firms to upgrade their cybersecurity with ADNS encryption technology. However, their services are offered to anyone that wants to fortify their data or communications and protect their information. AllData N.S. sees privacy as the ‘guardian of liberty,’ so even a regular Joe may purchase their technology and absolutely secure their data, phone, texting, or web services.

There is one caveat.

“At this point, we are being highly selective about who may receive these services. The very nature of the product demands that only those with the understanding of the potential of the products and the ability to justify proper use of the service will be granted its abilities. Shady and questionable organizations will not be allowed access to this level of technology. Every client is screened.” emphasized Kathy .

Due to the company’s concern for personal privacy as well as national security, they will only serve the U.S. military, U.S. businesses, U.S. organizations, and U.S. citizens. Clients are vetted, and ADNS reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time for any reason.

“As a career technologist with deep roots in engineering, I’ve worked with many highly skilled engineers in the past four decades, but I’ve never been as proud as I am of the exceptional team at AllData N.S. Corporation. Our unique approach to network and data security will be the next step in industry standards. The encryption level we offer for business and personal use is the highest on the planet, but” Bill continued “we can go well beyond that for the Department of Defense. God knows our military, our fighter pilots, the guys hanging from the helicopter ladder, our guys with their boots on the ground, those guys need it – because what they've got now isn't getting the job done."

So far, the DOD has yet to request AllData N.S. encryption technology.

For more information on how you or your businesses can protect your network, data, and communications with the highest level of advanced encryption, visit or call (214) 660-0670 today.

Jon Shields
ADNS Cyber News

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