The silver linings amidst crumbling iPhone, iPad and Mac sales

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

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While Apple narrowly beat Wall Street expectations, the third quarter has been a pretty bad month for hardware sales.

Let's begin with iPhone sales, which at 40.4 million, is the lowest sales Apple has seen since Q4 2014. Not exactly falling off a cliff, but it's an indication of just how weak iPhone sales are, and how badly Apple needs the new iPhone to be a hit.

 More worrying is how far the iPhone average selling price has dropped dramatically this quarter, from $641 last quarter to around $595, which is lower than the $606 that analysts were expecting.

 This suggests that consumers have been opting to buy cheaper/lower capacity iPhones over higher priced models. This is likely to be down to the lower-priced iPhone SE, which Apple is using to entice new users into the iPhone fold (probably in the hopes of selling them a more expensive iPhone down the line).


What's really worrying though is not only have iPhone sales gone weak, the safety net that Apple built around the iPad and the Mac is evaporating.


Things are also pretty grim for the Mac, which sold 4.3 million units. Average selling price continues to hover around the $1,230 mark.


Another silver lining comes from an unlikely source - the Apple Watch. Based on estimates derived from data crunched by Apple-watching analyst Neil Cybart of Above Avalon, Apple Watch sales are estimated to be in the region of 1.6 million. Assuming an average selling price of around $400, that means that Apple's smartwatch business is now worth some $640 million a quarter.

Chump change next to the iPhone, but indicative of strong growth, especially given that this is still a first-generation device.





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