WaterStrider™: A Multi-Terrain Landing System




WaterStrider is a flotation device that gives new capability to your existing drone! Our patent pending and innovative design allows your drone to maneuver around the pool before taking off, flying through the air, and landing on the ski slopes, the beach, or the grass you should have mowed last week.  Plus, installation and removal is quick and easy, allowing you to focus on having fun!

Our product is designed from the ground up to be ultra lightweight through advanced material selection and manufacturing methods. This allows for dramatically longer flight times and a much more responsive drone, all leading to more fun!

WaterStrider is designed for years of use. Our careful material selection means you don’t have to worry about exposure to things like UV rays or pool/salt/fresh water.   And while we hope you never need this feature, our innovative design helps to protect your drone in the event of a crash, potentially saving you 10x what our product costs!

All of the design, testing, manufacturing, and distribution is being done in the United States of America. Buying our product helps create and sustain American jobs, so you feel good while having fun.

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